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Lancaster Soapmakers: Who Are We?

Lancaster Soapmakers is your premiere source for the best all natural soap and custom soap molds. We strive for excellence in making homemade soap with all natural ingredients using a cold process soap making technique. When using soap from Lancaster Soapmakers, expect nothing but the finest and most luxurious soap that’s made using the most comprehensive and meticulous soap making recipes. 


We pride ourselves as being a soap making resource to any other soap makers out there who’d like to know the ins and outs of using soap making molds to make handmade soap. We’d love to help you learn how to make the soap that you want. We use custom soap making equipment to create our custom molds, and would love the opportunity to teach you more. 


We’ve been in the soap industry since 2010 starting with making the amazing custom soap molds we’ve become famous for through our wonderful reseller, Feel free to get all the ingredients you’d need from them, or we can help you create lasting connections there. We’re here for you!


At Lancaster Soapmakers, we want to embrace the creative culture that is soap making while bringing that same opportunity to those around us. Contact us today for more information.

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